TOMS: awesome, or the new Croc?

L-A: I’ve mentioned before how I’ve almost fell victim to the siren song of the TOMS.

Everyone I know seems to have a pair. They sing their praises. So comfortable! The only shoe they need for summer!

And quite frankly, I’m starting to believe it.

Except for one thing.


They’re kind of a funny looking shoe. And I think we can all agree on that.

That isn’t to say they aren’t comfy or magnificent. They’re just funny looking. And I’m scared to buy a shoe that will end up being a shoe I lend to Anthony when he needs to dress up as Whoopie Goldberg for Halloween. Because guess what you guys? That is what happened to my Crocs. Everyone I knew, even the most stylish (who I won’t name here, but y’all know who you are), owned Crocs. They told me they were the Most. Comfortable. Shoe. Ever. So when my mom had a spare pair, I gave in. And I felt like a fucking tool. I wore them as a rainboot substitute for one summer (I didn’t own boots and I didn’t want to ruin my non-molded plastic shoes) and then they existed only to clutter my closet after that.

I think it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy. If I jump on the funny looking, but immensely comfy shoe bandwagon, will I regret it instantly?

Even if I do give in (and let’s be honest, it’s likely to happen…if I hadn’t just dropped $200 at Biscuit and Pretty Things this past weekend, it’d be Really Likely), I’ll still remain highly skeptical of the following:


What? Glitter? Really?

Y’all know I love a good glitter shoe, but this is too much for me. Maybe I need to see it in action, but on the shelf, a gold glitter TOMS shoe does nothing but make me hate this shoe company.

Apparently the glitter TOMS are a part of the wedding collection. Yes. That’s right. Wedding.

Brides of the world: why? Why would you change into a plain, canvas shoe? Is it the new flip flop? Why not just buy a shoe you can wear? That’s what I did. My shoes were cute AND I wore them all night. Or maybe a pretty flat? You’re a bride! You’re looking super pretty! So why not wear a pretty shoe? (If you wore flip flops or TOMS at your wedding, I sort of apologize. I’m sure you still looked pretty. Friends of mine have done it and still looked like pretty princesses. I just prefer wearing a pretty shoe with my pretty dress on the one day that EVERYONE has to call you pretty).

The one pair of TOMS I don’t question are the wedges.

They are straight up adorable and if you own a pair, I’m probably jealous. Every time I’ve tried to buy a pair, they weren’t in my size. (Actually, that’s happened with even the flat, regular TOMS. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something?)

Anyway, let’s have a poll. Maybe it’ll help influence my decision (after I get paid. I need to take a brief spending break).

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