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Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

Fashion Friday Outfit Inspo: 

Cobalt Canvas Shorts

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School

Now… what page was I on again?

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School

What I’m wearing: Sweater: H&M; last season (similar here), Long sleeved striped shirt: The Bay (similar here), Canvas shorts: Gap (current here), Sunnies: Roots (similar here), Edie Sedgewick book: available here.

With some fluke warm weather I jumped on the opportunity to sport shorts last weekend while taking blog photos! Alas we are back to our regular fogged filled June weather, and I am left scrambling to find something appropriate to weather to tonight’s Atlantic Fashion Week’s: Gala show without freezing my butt off! 

After seeing these photos I’m not really feeling this particular stripped shirt. On second thought I could have gone with a more fitted and/or tailored version; this one is looking a little sloppy (sorry blog reader).

I have several of these blue and white stripped shirts and I mean several. I’m not sure what it is about them that I find so appealing, but I have so many that I have to stop myself from buying them before they take over my closet. I mean how many stripped shirts can a girl wear? Especially one that isn’t teaching High School anymore.

Maybe it’s the comfort factor, or the hint of masculinity, or that I could eat an entire pizza in these shirts and no one would ever know: I’m not sure maybe it’s all three? The one that is my favorite, and my go-to when flying currently has a missing button, and I haven’t gotten around to sewing another back on (embarrassing right?). The one I had in mind is better because it comes in at the waist a bit more than this shapeless number. When buying one of these shirts be sure to fit your bust first, and the rest can be altered.  Make sure it’s not pulling in any areas because trust me it will drive you crazy, and make you feel uncomfortable. Also if you get these shorts from the Gap make sure to go down one size they are made big and will relax once worn.

Clothing aside blog reader I have a confession: I’m officially a slacker. I’ve been trying to get through this book for what seems like an eternity. It’s not the book, it’s me,  and my busy schedule. I’m committed though I am going to finish this book if it’s the last thing I do even if that means reading during blog photos! I have to admit it’s kind of embarrassing; I’m not only an English Major graduate, but also an English Teacher, and I can’t seem to find time to read? What’s happened to me? 

What books do you have planned to read this summer blog reader? If you need suggestions here are a couple of my favorite books: 

Perks of Being a Wallflower (light hearted quick read)

She’s Come Undone (Intensely gripping)

On The Road (It’ll get you jazzed)

The Reader (If you like a little scandal)

Eat Pray Love (Inspirational)

Chronicles (For the music lover)

Edie; American Girl (For the 1960s Time Traveler)

Happy Friday! 

Hope to see you all at the fashion show tonight! Looking forward to posting plenty of photos!



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