Too Faced Better than False Lashes

You probably know by now that my naturally straight lashes don’t like most mascaras and refuse to stay curled any extended amount of time.

When I received Too Faced Better than False Lashes Extreme, an instant lash extension kit with improved formula, I was curious and hopeful.

The box comes with a pull-out paper tray that holds a Prime & Seal mascara (gold packaging, 0.27oz/ 8ml) and Flexistretch nylon fibers (0.02oz/ 0.8g, white tube and gold cap).

Together, they are supposed to offer a brush-on false lashes look. I have worn false lashes probably twice in my makeup life (I know), never tried fiber mascaras and never had lash extension, so this was going to be interesting, I just knew 🙂

The 3 steps:
(1) Prime with Prime & Seal mascara to create a base for the fibers
(2) Build with 1-2 coats of the Flexistretch nylon fibers from lash root to tip
(3) Seal in the fibers with Prime & Seal mascara.

Definitely not the mascara to do when you are short in time, but it does not take extremely long either. I like the mascara, it coats the lashes well and adds volume. I find it fun when the fibers go on, like white butterflies on the lashes but they disappear after the next coat of mascara.

The wands are straight and small, easy to use, don’t hurt the eyes when they come close.

I only do one round as I think repeating the steps might overdo it. I definitely appreciate the volume the fibers help to build and the effect stays on through the day without flaking. Can’t say the same with the curl, but that’s nothing new nor unexpected.

Removal is easy. The fibers come off in tiny chunks with regular makeup remover on a cotton pad. No rubbing required.

Overall, I would definitely go for the fibers when I have a bit of time getting ready, as I do like the fuller lashes look at times. The product is suitable for contact lens wearers. I wish it were cheaper though ($46).

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