Too Faced Candlelight primer

After 2 gift sets shown back to back, let’s take it down a notch with a single product I received for review today 🙂

We probably all know about Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, which I mentioned briefly in the review of the Le Grand Palais set.

Candlelight is an illuminating Shadow Insurance, with a shimmery gold color compared to the colourless (original) Shadow Insurance.

Now Candlelight is supposed to offer a waterproof, 24 hour wear, crease/ fade proof base for cream and powder shadows still, but when worn alone, it brightens the lids and adds luminosity to the look. I find it work just as well as the original, but my eyeshadows would start fading around the time I leave work, not 24 hours for sure.

Swatches of Candlelight (left) and the original Shadow Insurance (right) straight from of the tube, then slightly blended out. Note that I used about 3 times of the suggested rain drop size here to show the finish, hence the illuminating effect is also more dramatic than what you would see on the eyes.

I layered a few eyeshadows from Le Grand Palais palette on top of both versions to test their effect.

Candlelight lightens a darker shade like Dreamlight (top), mutes the duochrome effect of Champs Elysees (middle) and enhances the metallic sheen of Satin Sheets (bottom). IRL, with the suggested amount, Candlelight only shows the lightest effect of illumination underneath eyeshadows.

If you are happy with the original Shadow Insurance, no need to switch it up. The tube is 0.35oz/ 11g, retails $24.


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