TooFaced LoveFlush blush wardrobe

Too Faced Love Flush blush wardrobe is the best way to check out the whole line of Love Flush blushes at once. 6 mini sizes at a lower cost, it is a steal you should not miss!

I already tried and loved the 3 Love Flush blushes in the Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks setLove Hangover, Justify My Love and Your Love is King – but have gifted them to my family, so I grabbed the palette off Sephora when I saw it.

The heart-shape themed cardboard packaging is super cute. The palette is thin and with a mirror, great to travel with. The flap does not stay open though, so I had about 8 seconds to snap this shot before it closed in 🙂

From L-R: Love Hangover, Baby Love, I Will Always Love You, How Deep Is Your Love, Justify My Love and Your Love is King (my most favorite shade).

Quality is still consistent with the mini Love Flush blushes I tried before – pigmented, easy to blend, about 8-hour wear on me. Having them all in one place is even better!

Love Hangover (a warm pink), Baby Love (nude pink, with gold sparkles) and How Deep Is Your Love (a watermelon pink, second from right) have the same base in slightly different tones of pinks.

The other 3 are very different – I Will Always Love You (a peach, middle, my second favorite now), Justify My Love (cool-toned pink with gold sparkles, far right) and Your Love is King (plumy rose, bottom).

The sparkles are not very visible on the cheeks, I don’t notice them much. I love the Love Flush blushes even more with this palette, needless to say.

This blush wardrobe is Limited Edition, 6×0.07oz/2g (2 times the amount in a full size) for $45 (only $13 extra from $32 for a full size).

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