Top 5 new drugstore products

You have seen lots of collaborations before but this one is special. We are doing it cross-media style between youtube and blogger 🙂

My friend Samantha Jane on YT and I are both drugstore makeup fanatics from the East coast.

We constantly discuss new product spotting or sales around here, so it is about time we do that together, at the same time.

My first pick for the most exciting new products this Spring is Annabelle Lipsies (12 shades $4.95 each). Moisturizing balms with fun packaging, wide colour range (some sheer, some pigmented) and fruity scents. They have been in rotation between me and Squirt.

Hard Candy has done so well this season that its new products alone could contribute more than enough for this post. Featuring here are the swatches of the Natural Eyes palette ($7.98) and the Plumping Serum lip products ($4.98 – $5.98).

Check back my part I and part II reviews for more details on their Spring products.

Not new in the US but became available in Canada only a few months ago are Milani Bella Eyes eyeshadows ($8 each). They have good pigmentation and wear, wide range of colours and finishes.

One drugstore skin care item that stood out to me: Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle sleeping cream ($24.99).

The brand is on sale often enough that I think this product deserves a spot in this post.

The cream gives my skin that smooth and hydrated feeling waking up in the morning and put me in a good mood to start the day. I have a few backups in the stash already.

Now on to nails. Essie Cashmere Matte collection ($9.99 a pop) takes the cake, for its beautiful and interesting/ unique finish. My most favorites in the range: Coat Couture (left) and Comfy in Cashmere (right).

Honour mentions: Colour Pop, as a brand.

The $5 – $8 price point sure puts their products in the drugstore range, but since we can’t grab them that easily in Canada, they are a special case in the post.

So far I only tried Not a Box of Chocolate set (swatched below, $30), and Lumiere Lippie Stix ($5) and am happy with them. I will have to brave the shipping cost again for their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, no doubt!

Please check out Samantha’s top picks below and subscribe to her channel for more product reviews, hauls and especially her Oily Skin Diaries.

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