Top 5 Universities and Colleges for International Students in Nova Scotia

Are you an international student looking to study in Nova Scotia, Canada? We are here to help you choose the best colleges in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a beautiful oceanside province in Canada that has alluring hiking trails, relaxing towns, beaches, and a lot more.

Along with its iconic beauty and scenic beaches, Nova Scotia is known for its education system as well. There are plenty of educational institutes, Nova Scotia colleges, and universities in Nova Scotia where international students can come and gain a top-quality education.

The options for you, as an International student, in Nova Scotia, are limitless. Let’s take a look at the top colleges and universities that you should look at while choosing your next educational destination.

1.   Nova Scotia Community College

Nova Scotia community college is one of the largest and most diverse Nova Scotia colleges. More than 20,000 students pursue their education here. The college administration works hard to provide the students with perfect educational as well as the cultural environment.

There are various degree programs in Health & Human Services, Applied Sciences, Trades & Technology, Business Studies, etc. You can choose the program that caters to your needs and suits your skills and you are bound to have a great time here. Don’t forget to try an admission essay writing service.

Once you get admission there, you will need help with your assignments, papers, essays, etc. You can go to assignment writing service online and get assignment expert writers to assist and guide you. Getting assignment help online would help you spend more time absorbing the rich cultural diversity around you. The ethnocultural diversity found in this college provides a good, nurturing environment for both Canadian students and international students.

2.   Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University, one of the top-rated universities in Nova Scotia, is located in the scenic town of Halifax. It is an old, well-reputed educational institute that was established in 1818. It enrols over 15,000 students in various undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate degree programs.

It carefully selects students based on their past grades and academic records. It also accepts international students, and over 14% of its student’s population is international students. Financial aids and scholarships are also provided to students who are needy or have a brilliant educational background.

3.   Mt. St. Vincent University

This university provides a fantastic, well-rounded education to international students. The university is very famous for the personalized approach for learning that is followed within its classrooms. The research centers and the faculty provide the students with excellent learning opportunities to the students in various fields such as science, arts, engineering, health, and commerce.

The Child Youth Study program and the Public Relations program is highly-recognized and is one of a kind.

4.   Acadia

Acadia is one of the top undergrad universities in Nova Scotia. It is located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It is one of the best, renowned educational institutes in Canada. Acadia provides you with an exceptional educational experience combined with a small-town feeling of home and attachment.

There are 4 faculties in the college; Professional studies, Pure & Applied Sciences, and Arts & theology. Each faculty is further sub-divided into various departments.

5.   St. Mary’s University

There are various universities and colleges in Nova Scotia. St. Mary’s University is also an old, renowned institute and was founded in 1808. It offers multiple courses in arts, commerce, science, etc. in undergrad, grad, and post-grad programs. At St. Mary’s, students are taught uniquely by bringing people from different cultures together. The campus is very international friendly, and the administration takes special care to nurture the students’ skills and make their stay a memorable and fruitful one. Students from more than 106 countries of the world come here to study. Students with disabilities get additional support here at St. Mary’s.


Having an international education boosts your confidence and opens new horizons for you. You need to get a well-rounded, multi-cultural education. You can get all of this and a lot more while studying in the various Nova Scotia colleges and universities.

Take a look at the best universities and colleges in Nova Scotia that we have listed above and check out their details so that you would know more.

Here’s a bright educational career for you!

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