A handful (and by handful I mean two) of fun accolades have been awarded to films I’ve worked on; firstly The Chronicle Herald’s resident-cinephile Lauren Oostveen has named THE CORRIDOR as one of her top films of the year! I really respect her opinion too, so that’s a plus!

The Corridor: Another AFF favourite, this movie played out like a combination of Stand By Me and The X-Files — one of those classic paranormal episodes that keeps you guessing. The film centres around lifelong friends who discover something sinister in the woods. Frightening, funny and moving, it’s a real triumph for writer Josh MacDonald, director Evan Kelly and the fantastic cast.

Oostveen’s column has so far been terrific, so keep checking it every Friday in the Herald (I could very well be incorrect about that), and follow her on Twitter @LaurenOostveen. I swear she didn’t pay for that last sentence.

Another honor has been that the trailer for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN has been named one of the top trailer of the year by Film School Rejects! Read more at

I would probably write more, but my girlfriend wants me to get off of the laptop and open up the champagne. Happy new years, folks! 2010 will forever be known as the year of “I can do this for a living?!” All the best.

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