Top Mistakes to Avoid After the Police Arrests You to Prevent Compromising Your Defense

If the police arrest you for an alleged crime, it is bad enough, but if you are not careful, you can make your legal situation more complicated by making mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes people can make when arrested by the police, especially if they do not have proper legal representation:

Speaking to The Police Without an Attorney Present

Many people think they can talk their way out of trouble by speaking to the police and convincing them they are innocent of the alleged crime. Talking or issuing statements after the police have read you the Miranda rights is the worst thing you can do because the police can use anything and everything you say against you. You must keep in mind the police often make many cases stronger with the evidence the defendants provide them willingly after their arrest. No law says you have to speak when the police repeatedly and forcefully question you. You can and should respond that you have the right to legal representation and refuse to answer any question.

Admitting Guilt

Even if the police have caught you in a compromising situation impossible to explain, you should never admit guilt. You must know that once you admit guilt, anything you say the police can and will use against you later on. Your admission of guilt will make it very difficult for you to fight the charges should you decide to do so later. Since the court gives you a chance to enter your plea at the arraignment, you should plead not guilty because you can get out on bail with the help of a bondsman located in New Haven County, NC, and get the opportunity to prove the charges wrong. If you plead guilty, the judge may decide to sentence you immediately and send you to jail. If you do not have a lawyer, ensure you hire one immediately.

Assuming You Cannot Defend Yourself Successfully 

Given the resources the law enforcement system possesses, you may feel you have no chance of successfully defending yourself. However, they still have to prove you are guilty of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. You must remember just because the police have charged you with a crime, it does not mean they can prove it. You do not need to admit guilt or sit back and allow the prosecution to prove your guilt without fighting back. An experienced lawyer can help you in many ways, like proving you have an alibi, the police violated your rights, or the evidence is incorrect, in which case, the prosecutor will find it harder to establish a watertight case against you.


Hiring a lawyer is often expensive, but when your freedom is at stake, you should get the best one you can afford instead of trying to fight your own case. Understanding the technicalities of the law can be impossible for a novice, and you may lose an opportunity to win your case. According to Business Partner Magazine, an attorney will help you to understand the charges against you and how you can defend yourself. 

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