Top Ten Bites of 2011

Every year, around the new year, I also celebrate a very special occasion.  Yes, today is my birthday…. But it’s With Bite’s Bday as well.  Yup – four years ago today, I started my blog and, unbeknownst to me at the time, a new gig as a freelance writer. Granted, I’m a weeeee but older than four, but I hope that my blog will age and grow with me. 

I have a lot of plans for With Bite this year; and I can’t wait to share the developments with you.  As many of you know, I recently completed the academic portion of my sommelier training – only 40 service hours left!!  This took up a considerable amount of time, and I neglected this puppy in the process.  However, although you weren’t hearing about it, I certainly had my fill of food and drink in the past year.  And,  though I’m dedicated to moving forward in 2012, and not looking back, I still want to share with you my top ten bites of 2011.  Here they are – in no particular order!

Top Ten Bites of 2011

Polenta + mushrooms + sauce = a plate of amazing goodness! I had a real nice gift certificate for Da Maurizio a couple months back,  and we used it for a special night.  The blog post isn’t up yet, but stay tuned to see pics of the BEST calamari in town and an incredible pasta Bolognese in addition to the dish below: the Polenta con Funghi!

I love Indian food.  I love it’s rich, saucy goodness.  This particular dish, the Subz Jalfrezi is my favorite one yet.  Indian food is expensive, but I thought it was well worth it.  I sighed with delight throughout the
whole meal at the Taj Mahal!

Talk about money!  This was a money meal – as in sick –  as in really, really good!  And the ironic thing was how cheap it was! This lobster roll at Richard’s, PEI,  was one of my favorite meals – but also dining experiences of 2011.  The memory of sitting on the patio, watching the sun set on the beach and sharing a meal with new friends and old will stay with me forever.

Not usually one for sweets, I felt as though I had died and gone to caloric heaven with one bite of this gingerbread cake from the
Elephant’s Eye.  The appetizer was pretty amazing too, but you can read all about THAT in my restaurant review.

Ah, Gio!  Who doesn’t love to go out for a meal at this stellar resto – it’s one of Halifax’s best!  Though there’s no blog post for this particular meal, it’s certainly unforgettable for me.  A plate of succulent scallops; rich, celeriac puree; fresh, edamame and earthy Shitake mushrooms?  What’s not to LOVE?  I joke that it’s the most expensive take out of my life; once I finished my app and breadbasket, I had to take most of this dish home!

No blog post for this one,  but it still made the list! Check out my restaurant review of Dee Dee’s
hereDee Dee’s has incredible ice cream and I savoured every spoonful of this tart and tangy Shaker Lemon! 

I don’t normally order sammys when I go out to eat, but the description of the Reuben at the
Henry House really caught my eye.  I was very happy with my order. I ate the whole thing – even the half I intended to pack up!  Check out the full meal deal here – the lobster roll was also delish!

Mother! This meal at
Fid Resto was incredible.  The snow crab salad was my favorite part, but it was just one of many delicious bites on this particular visit.

The Mandoo Guk at Minato has taken away the chill on more than one occasion.  Savoury and filling, it’s a nice alternative to the good ‘ol chicken soup.  Check out my other favorite dish at this resto here.

One of the loveliest salads in Halifax and all of my favorite ingredients in one bowl!  The Seafood Cobb Salad at
The Five Fishermen includes: smoked salmon, scallops, shrimp, blue cheese, egg and avocado to name a few!  Check out our full meal here!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics, but I wanted to give some honorable mentiones to a couple bevys that passed my lips this past year.  First and foremost; treat yourself to a Hot Buttered Rum this winter at the Bicycle Thief!  This drink is incredible and just the thing to warm you up on one of these crisp winter nights!  I also had some fab cocktails at the Drawing Room on the top floor of the Henry House and at The Middle Spoon.

Happy New Year everyone! I’d like to wish you and your family and friends health and happiness in 2012.  I hope you have the courage to take leaps and bounds and still make time for a little R n’ R this year!  Thanks for reading!


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