Top Ten Crime Prevention Tips

Top Ten Crime Prevention Tips Throughout November, the HRM Public Safety Office will be providing weekly public safety tips for citizens as part of National Crime Prevention and Community Safety Month.

This week we’re sharing our top ten tips for reducing your risk of being a victim of crime:

1. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Stay in well-lit, busy areas. Walk in a confident, assured way and pay attention to everything and everyone around you.

2. Make your home less inviting to criminals. Trim trees and shrubs to reduce blind spots and eliminate hiding places for intruders. Ensure your front entrance is well-lit and consider installing motion activated exterior lights.

3. Lock your doors and latch all accessible windows when leaving your home or retiring for the evening. It’s important to take these measures even if you’re just working in your yard, raking leaves or shoveling snow.

4. Always draw your curtains at night and make sure valuable items can’t be easily seen from outside.

5. Avoid allowing strangers into your home. Request identification from sales and service people. If you haven’t initiated the visit, ask that they wait outside while you contact their employer to confirm it’s a legitimate service call.

6. Never leave valuable items unattended. Wallets, cell phones, backpacks and laptop computers left alone in a public area are a temptation to would-be thieves.

7. Keep your vehicle locked and remove all items, including gym bags and loose change, from sight.

8. Never provide bank, credit card or other personal information to anyone who contacts you by phone or email. Visit to learn about common scams and how you can protect your identity.

9. Get to know your neighbours and agree to look out for each other. Consider forming/joining a Neighbourhood Watch group (more information at or visit the Good Neighbours/Great Neighbourhoods website at for information on being a good neighbor in HRM.

10. Report suspicious activity to police immediately. By following these simple tips, you’re doing your part to keep you, your family and neighbourhood safe and secure. Visit for more information on enhancing public safety in HRM.


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