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monochrome dressing, canadian style blogger, celine sungalsses


monochrome dressing, canadian style blogger, celine sungalsses

Slightly preppy and slightly menswear inspired for the first day of fashion week I decided to opt for comfort in anticipation of some high heeled shoes to come.

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FEATURED ITEMS: Coat, Sweater, Trousers, Shoes: c/o Old Navy | Earrings, c/o Beck and Boosh | Sunnies: Celine via c/o Smart Buy Sunglasses | Bag, Sneha Varma | Pom Pom, Envy Clothing Co.

These shoes were literally like $8 bucks (yay Old Navy sales), but they couldn’t have been better for the first day of fashion week. Not only did they sooth my menswear inspired goals they were also SOOOOOOO comfortable. While everyone around me was complaining about their shoes I stood with my mouth shut, and rocked the first full day pain free.

Funny story about these shoes I actually had no plans of wearing them. I actually had my heart set on another pair of Old Navy loafers. You know the ones that EVERYONE HAS? Well I got those, but I had to return them because after adding two sets of heel grips, and they were just still too wide for my extremely narrow feet. I reluctantly went back to Old Navy with a giant mug on, and when I got to the cash register I made sure to mention to the sale associate that I was NOT happy about returning them “I just want you to know I have to return these shoes, but I’m not happy about it“.

She was pretty confused lol but when I explained she laughed, and then proceeded to tell me that she has the opposite problem. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person in the world with a narrow foot, as shoes begin to widen and widen I’m beginning to think I might be.

Needless to say I opted for the ones with laces (still needed the heel grips) as to keep my feet inside the shoes, and as sour as a I was about having to return the other shoes these ones were actually SO comfortable, and I really do love their look.

Anyway! Enough about my shoes! How about this outfit? Pretty cute right? I am obsessed with these pixie pants (with stretch), and this cocoon coat, and how affordable they are. I know you could totally pay an arm and a leg for both of these pieces at other stores, but the best thing about Old Navy is that you don’t have to. So you can totally be on trend, and still afford your lunch after! YAY!

Sadly I can’t find this coat online to link to for you, so you’ll have to check your local stores, but I promise it’s worth the hunt. I love this coat, and I wore it A LOT throughout the week in Toronto. Mostly because it was basically winter (thank god I brought my red plaid scarf).  When I landed in T.O. the pilot said the current weather was 1 degree, and I was like “ya wanna add a zero to that sir?”. I don’t think he heard me because it was SOOOOOOOO cold.

Also I’m OB-SESSED with these double line studs from local shop beck and boosh, and when I was chatting with a fellow blogger and she complimented me on how I’d warn three in one ear, and just a single in the other I was like “did we just instantly become best friends?“. She laughed, but I was seriously ready to have a sleep over with this girl! So much of my style is subtle details, and I always appreciate it when people notice.

So this was my look for the first day of fashion week. It was a relatively short day with just 4 shows, and I was really impressed with the Matthew Gallagher show which I was happy to discover that he was from Amherst! Yay!

Hope you enjoyed seeing this first look from fashion week! Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the week, as I post the rest of my #wmcfw looks, and Toronto travel highlights.

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