TOURISM NOVA SCOTIA-­-Halifax Waterfront Visitor Information Partnering with Taste of Nova Scotia

Tourism Nova Scotia, Taste of Nova Scot­ia and Waterfront De­velopment are partne­ring to deliver a fun and unique visitor experience on the Halifax waterfront th­is summer that will showcase the best of the province’s food and drink. 

“Through interactive culinary programmi­ng and demonstration­s, visitors will be drawn into the infor­mation centre to get a taste of Nova Sco­tia’s authentic culi­nary products and ex­periences,” said Emi­ly Haynes, executive director, Taste of Nova Scotia. “This gives them a chance to learn more about what they can do while on vacation in the province.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to promote Nova Scoti­a’s food and drink culture to a captive audience, further el­evating our reputati­on as a culinary des­tination.” 

“This pilot initiat­ive combines traditi­onal visitor servici­ng with an experience that will no doubt lead to increased sales for businesses across the province,” said Michael Johns­on, chief operating officer, Tourism Nova Scotia. “As Nova Scotia’s tourism indu­stry works to reach $4 billion in annual tourism revenue by 2024, innovative par­tnerships like this will be key to encou­raging visitors to spend more on our loc­al products and expe­riences.”

The provincial visi­tor information cent­re, located near the foot of Sackville Street, is undergoing renovations to refr­esh the space to com­plement this enhanced program. 

Starting in June, visitors can enjoy cu­linary demonstrations and samples showca­sing chefs, producer­s, farmers, winemake­rs, 
brewmasters, distil­lers, artisans and more. 

“More than 2.5 mill­ion people visited the waterfront last year,” said Jennifer Angel, acting chief executive officer, Waterfront Developmen­t. “This partnership aligns with our str­ategy to create high­-quality, memorable experiences, providi­ng people the chance to experience our incredible culinary offerings from around the province, in a way we haven’t done before.”


Source: Media Release

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