Traffic Advisory: Final Chase the Ace draw, Inverness, N.S.


With tens of thousands of people expected to make their way to Inverness this weekend for the final Chase the Ace draw, Inverness District RCMP is reminding motorists of important parking and traffic restrictions.

Aside from being patient and exercising caution, Inverness District RCMP is asking motorists to keep the following traffic and parking restrictions in mind:


– The Inverness Raceway, Broad Cove concert grounds, and Inverness Academy provide the most amount of parking spaces available.

– Motorists must respect no parking areas, as vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

– Allow at least three metres of clearance in either direction when parking on the side of the road. This will ensure that police and emergency vehicles can access all areas without difficulty.


– Expect traffic slow downs on the Cabot Trail, Highway 105 and Highway 19.

– Pay attention to the RCMP members directing traffic, and obey their instructions at all times.

– Give yourself plenty of time to both get to the event and leave it. If you do not need to leave immediately, wait while traffic exits the town.

– Carpooling is encouraged.

Inverness District RCMP reminds citizens that the consumption of alcohol in public, non-licensed areas is an offence and can result in a $463.95 fine. Impaired driving infractions will also be strictly enforced.

Source: Release

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