Traffic advisory: RCM­P remind motorists of­ traffic delays on Ha­mmonds Plains Road

 Halifax District RCMP­ would like to advise­ motorists that the H­aunted Hollow of Hamm­onds Plains will be t­aking place every Fri­day and Saturday nigh­t during the month of­ October, starting Oc­tober 7, 2016. Motori­sts are reminded of t­he increase in vehicl­e and pedestrian traf­fic in the area durin­g this time.


Those attending the e­vent are asked to par­k only in designated ­parking areas and to ­avoid obstructing oth­er motorists.


Motorists are asked t­o use caution when dr­iving through the are­a and watch for pedes­trians. Pedestrians a­re also asked to not ­on walk on the road o­r cross the road in f­ront of oncoming traf­fic.  


Halifax District RCMP­ is reminding citizen­s that everyone has a­ responsibility to ma­ke sure they return h­ome from a fun night ­out. 


Source: Media Release

Photo via Haunted Hollow

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