Trampoline Park Opens, Nauss Bikes Closes

Pretty light week this week.

Most Subways will indeed be getting the Pepsi Spire machines where you create your own flavour combos. mmmm lime Dr Pepper (I know that’s a bad idea)

Get Air  the trampoline park has opened in the old Sleeman Brewery on Windmill. It has a dodgeball court, 2 nets for dunking a ninja course and more, It’s pretty neat in there.

The Woodlawn Domino’s has closed and is redirecting customers to Wyse Rd.

After 46 years in North End Halifax Jack Nauss, Bike shop is closing next month.

Courtside Sneakers opened on Quinpool.

The new Lululemon  Season Shop open is in Halifax Shopping Centre tomorrow. This is expected to be a test for a full store later in 2016.

@WaitingServices has started a small business where he will wait at your house for all day appointments.

Byblos Lebanese Grill is opening on Portland St. in the same plaza as Cora’s and Mizu.

The Lawtons on Parkland at Keaney Lake has closed.

Happy Sushi, all you can eat sushi is moving from Lacewood to Larry Uteck next month. Meanwhile on Larry Uteck the kids play place and a gold simulator are expected to open in the coming weeks.



Updated Rendering – Young/ Windsor St. developmentHere is an…

TD Tower redevelopment on Barrington St is now complete.