Trends transforming the Sportsbook and online casino industry in Canada

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Betting and gambling are nothing new under the sun. These have been existing since civilized society exists as such. It is only natural that over the years it has evolved into not only a pleasant hobby but a way of living and earning your living. What we do observe in the last few years is what news statistics would consider a crisis. However, statistics in the gambling industry would describe it as significant progress in Canada. We would be bold and call it Innovation at its best.

Years ago, in Canada, the way to use casino services or sports betting services was to put your shoes on and travel for an hour to a hall full of people and machines and after this long journey, you enjoy an evening of casino games. After the appearance of the coronavirus what we observe is a massive transition of the Canadian physical casino industry into an online gamblers’ world.

What is a sportsbook and what does it have to do with online casinos in Canada?

Not many people know but betting on a tournament does not happen so easily. Even if you do not bet on a website where only sports bets are made, your bets have a long way to become valid. They go through one of the many sportsbook centers, professionals actually process it, and then you have a valid bet on your favorite team. It sounds like a big deal but it is worth the effort as this is a working engine that brings massive force to the online casino industry. Sportsbooks are practically a part of it and they are like online casinos, but only for sports bets in Canada.

Transforming trends in sports betting and online casinos

1.    Mobility

With the whole development of our society people are getting busier and busier with their both personal and professional life. We tend to spend more time on the go. Whether we are commuting to work or traveling the world, we spend a massive amount of time on the go. This time that we spend in a traffic jam is lost and is never coming back to us. After finally, coming home it is too late to enjoy some spins and slots.

This is the reason why the online casino industry has evolved into a more flexible online world. Most online casinos in Canada now have mobile versions. All that you need is a stable internet connection to enjoy the online casino world on a busy day. It is so convenient and no download activity is required.

2.    In-play

Years ago in Canada what we could do is bet on our team in a live tournament and it was fun, but a plot twist happens and the team loses. Now, we can have the greatest possibility of betting in-play. This means that you can still bet some real money on a team before the game, but if things change like a storm on a sunny day, you can still bet money on the other side. Canada has now grown up in its betting opportunities in online casinos.

3.    Crypto

One of the best trends in online casinos is that now you can use crypto instead of money for your online experience in the world of gambling. Online casinos in Canada cannot be providers of gambling services supported by crypto. However, it is absolutely legal to deposit, play, and win earnings, rewards, bonuses, and jackpots in cryptocurrencies in online casinos that are not based in Canada.

The most popular cryptocurrency surely is Bitcoin, but we can all agree that Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Stellar have gained massive popularity in the past few years.

4.    Welcome bonus

What we do observe as a great tendency in the last few years is the “Welcome bonus” package that now has great worth in most online casinos in Canada. Sometimes it can be free spins, doubling your first deposit, or a “free loss” but it is always nice to have something for free just because you were initiative enough to try gambling in an online casino in Canada.

5.    Better conditions

One of the greatest tendencies that have transformed online casinos in Canada is the conditions for the users. They have significantly improved in the past few years and now gamblers in Canada can enjoy bargain games and winnings. The taxes over transactions when funding your deposits are now very low and sometimes are even missing in online casinos in Canada.

One of the biggest changes in the conditions that users highly appreciate every day in online casinos in Canada is the high rate of payout. When you earn money and you want to transfer them to your own banking account, there is a tax. The net amount of money that you actually withdraw after taxes is called payout. The higher the payout, the fewer taxes you pay for the transaction. Canada turns out to be one of the countries that have casinos with the highest payout.

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