TreSemme Perfectly (Un)done

For a more affordable curly hair care line, check out TreSemme Perfectly (Un)done Waves collection. I did not fully test it until I have curls this year. The formula is infused with Sea Kelp extract to provide natural looking waves in an (un)done look.

Let’s start with the basic products first: the (weightless silicone-free) shampoo and conditioner.

Not many things to address here, except that the shampoo lathers decently and the conditioner leaves my hair soft, light, while the curls do not turn out flat, which is always nice 🙂

I can certainly argue to leave the treating job to the treatment products but also believe the shampoo and conditioner prep the hair for those treatments to work effectively. I do use these products in a routine and so far they work well together.

The bottles are huge (25oz/ 739ml), great value considering the $6 price tag.

Now the specialties, starting with the Waves Creation sea foam, supposed to create natural-looking light waves.

– Dispense 2-5 pumps (2 for very fine or short hair) and distribute evenly through damp hair
– Scrunch + air dry/ diffuse (for naturally wavy hair) or blow dry + curling iron (for straight hair)
– Brush through and finish with hair spray (below).

Similar to a leave-in treatment with some scrunching elbow grease, the foam is light and quick to dry. I get exactly those natural-looking waves the brand promised. I follow it up with twirling the damp hair around tightly, put it up in a bun and go to bed. More twisting and a few spritz of the spray below in the morning and I am good to go.

The can is 150ml, retails for $7.

Yes, the Sea Salt spray is supposed to create a tousled beach look without us making it to the beach itself 🙂

Instructions: spray liberally all over damp hair, scrunch + air dry/ diffuse (for naturally wavy hair). Similar to the sea foam.

A bit more work for straight hair: blow dry until hair is 80% dry, twirl small sections of hair from the bottom away from face, hold the twist in place & blow dry until fully dry, then mist the twist with hair spray.

The lightweight polymers in the formula works to give a natural looking style without stiffness. I can give it that, it maintains the curls through the day for me, but I am not sure I look like I just went to the beach.

The bottle is 200ml, a good size for $7.

Lastly, the Ultra Brushable Hold hair spray, the necessity of every hair routine.

It normally is a delicate balance between a hold and the ease to brush out capability in a hair spray. And for quick work day style, I prefer flexible control than hold/ stiffness, just what this hair spray offers.

I would say it is a nice touch at the end of my easy routine. The can is 218g, $7. Depending on your need in a hair spray, it might or might not be your game, but know that it is out there as an option 🙂

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