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Trim the Fat on Your Grocery Bill and Save Money

Trim the Fat on Your Grocery Bill and Save Money

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Last night for the #cdnmoney chat on twitter we were talking about all the ways there are to save at the grocery store. There are literally many ways that you can help save on your grocery bill each week. Here are just a few:

Have a Budget

So many people have an idea of what they would like to spend but never set a budget. Track what you are spending now on groceries and then ask it this really what you need to be spending each and every week. You would be surprised to find that many people can simply save cash by knowing what they want to spend. Know your money amounts.

Shop the Flyers and Make a List

Another great way to save is taking advantage of those flyers that get dropped off at your door each and every week. Don’t just toss them in the recycle pile, read through them and find the best deals. Did you know that you make a list and even use the advertised price to price match at a number of stores? Every week I make a list of what I want to buy based on that weeks sales.  Our menu revolves around the sales.

Use Coupons

I know some people hate clipping coupons but I always say if you found money lying on the road you would pick it up right, and then spend it right? So why not clip or collect and use coupons. There are many ways to get them: brand websites, Facebook pages, and apps, newspaper inserts still, hanging at the grocery store, and even by requesting them straight from the brand. There are even clipping services and coupon trains that allow you to trade coupons. My one piece of advice though when clipping coupons collect coupons for the brands you know love and use, and forget the rest or use them for trading. You never want to use a coupon for the sake of couponing.

Turn to Technology

Today one of my favorite phrases is there is an App for that. When to comes saving at the grocery store in Canada there are even a number of apps that helping Canadians cost their costs. I was recently at DX3 where I discovered the Reebee App (which is available for iphone and soon for Android and Blackberry as well). It gives you all your flyers on your phone which makes price matching at the grocery store a breeze. I used it yesterday at Walmart.

Another great app that helps you save is Checkout 51. Checkout 51 is is looking to change the world of couponing in Canada by offering Canadians cash back, without them having to use a single coupon. What you do is buy groceries at any store in Canada ( sorry Quebec is not included) and then get cash back based on the offers of the week (there are about 10 each week) . A check is sent out after you are at $20 or you can bank them for awhile. Another great way to cut your costs.

There are many more ways to save then just these what are your favorite ways to cut your grocery bill, how do you trim yours?






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