TSQ and Nutcracker.

Here’s a little update on my recent performances.

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook (you know who you are and you should remedy this immediately, for the love of God), here’s a little smidgen from The Snow Queen for your listening/viewing pleasure/pain.  This is the last scene from the show in which Kai leaves the ice palace and returns to Gerda, but his connection with TSQ remains.  Aww…

Also a couple of pics from my gig with harpist Astrid Haring on December 28th as the warm-up act for The Nutcracker.  This was at the Grotekerk (the BIG CHURCH) in The Hague.

First up is the front of house.  Amazing!  The sheer size of this church is almost unfathomable.:

The "front of house", believe it or not. Truly amazing.

Next up is Astrid’s harp, which the kids (and some of the adults) all wanted to climb on.  Astrid was having none of it.  Tough cookie:

Astrid's harp.

Finally, the souvenir booth.  Not a cracked nut to be seen, but a nice effect.  I’m the first nutcracker on the left.

Imitation nutcrackers.

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