TSS Leo Astrology collection

Dear Santa,

I know it’s only August, and I know you are not supposed to make an appearance for another 4 months. But it’s my birthday today, and there is no Birthday Santa, can you please bring me this Leo collection from The She Space for my birthday and I promise to be good until Christmas? What, 4 months is not long enough? Oh alright, for the whole year, until my next birthday. ‘K?

That was my childish joke, but since day 1 when Heather announced the Astrology theme (way back at the beginning of the year), I kept wondering what the Leo collection would look like. I already planned to buy the whole set, not knowing what colours they are yet. Silly huh?

And the time has come, the Leo collection came out late July, and it was right on!!! Honestly, this is my favorite collection among all the Astrology collections TSS has so far, and maybe among all TSS collections I’ve seen – after the Cindy collection (LE). That’s partly because it is for my astrology sign (enough said, right?), and also because it has some gorgeous yellow shades (I can’t never have enough yellow). Just look at these 3.

Tame That Shrew! is described as a “twinkling pure gold with a wink of sparkling bronze”. This would probably work best as a wash colour or highlight, when you feel a bit adventurous away from your regular matte off-white highlighter. I would probably use it in the inner corner of the eyes as well, to bright up the eyes for a more awake look.

Claim the Stage Baby is a “rich egyptian gold with a hint of magenta and gold sparkle”. This could be a middle lid colour, paired up with Tame That Shrew above in the inner corner. Just a little dab right in the middle of your lid, this colour can work wonder. If you prefer it as a crease or outer corner colour, maybe extend Tame That Shrew toward the middle lid, or pair with another contrast colour. Lol, you know my love with colours, I wouldn’t suggest any neutral colour, would I?

Lions and Witches, a “fabulous sunshine gold with varied iridescent winking shimmer”. Boy, this is a bright colour or what? When I first started out with TSS pigments, I kept staring at the colours, wondering how I could find a use for them. A year down the road now, I would use these bold colours for weekend looks, toning it down with a wash colour, just to emphasize the outer end of the eyes.

Another reason for me to love this collection is that there are complimentary colours to the main yellow shade – like copper/bronze, and gold with taupe, pink or turquoise hints. Makeup looks are endless with these babies. Is that interesting enough for ya?

The collection is LE but will be up on the site until all the Astrology collections are out, i.e. the end of the year at least, so I’m gonna hopefuly wait for a sale. I need to save first 🙂

On a side note, the LE August collection called Utterly Fabulous Fall was also released at beginning of the month, with 45 colours – a huge collection! But I’m loyal, as long as Leo isn’t mine yet, I won’t think of any other colection. Or maybe I can get them together, lol… Overly excited!

Photo credit: theshespace.com

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