Tuesday Lateness: Ainslie Wood Co.

L-A: Sorry! There hasn’t been a post today! Last night I was frantically trying to make cards with monkeys on them/sew faces for monkeys.  While I can’t speak for Ally, she probably had BabyG to tend to. Those munchkins are a lot of work. I don’t know all you mommys do it. I really don’t. I can barely handle it when my cats occasionally puke on one of the two rugs we own.

Moving on to the rest of this lame post.

I follow the blog/twitter of a store in Hamilton called White Elephant Vintage.  They look like all kinds of awesome. Mostly because they sell vintage commemorative plates and Pyrex, which are possibly two of my favourite things (the commemorative plates are much to the chagrin of The Husband).  Anyway, we haven’t really made the decision to talk fashionable home decorations yet, BUT the girls at White Elephant are delving into the world of fashion which makes them relevant to us. They’ve just launched Ainslie Wood Co on Etsy and it is fantatic. Check out three of my favourites (all images are from their etsy site and therefore belong to them):

I would maim for the yellow coat. If I knew my sizing well enough, I’d have bought it already.  The next dress is totally swoon-worthy. Not kidding. I hope Eden owns a fainting couch, because she will be in love:

That’s just a sampling of their vintage awesome. So go check it out. Report back if you buy something pretty.

I can guarantee you that the next time I visit my in-laws, I am taking a wee road trip to Hamilton to stock up on Pyrex. Not kidding.

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