TV Shows I Liked in 2014

This year, I’ve watched much less TV than I usually do. So many of my favorite shows ended or will end soon, and I haven’t picked up very many new shows at all.

Still, some TV series stand out when I think back on 2014. This list is not a “best of” list – I don’t blog professionally, so there’s no way I can watch every great TV show out there. But here’s what delighted me this year:

Returning Favorites

The Mindy Project
I’ve always been a fan of this show, but Mindy has really been on fire this season. Mindy and Danny’s relationship has been so much fun to watch, and free of unnecessary breakups and drama (unlike New Girl, which is not making my list this year).

Mad Men
The first half of season seven had some episodes that I loved (“Waterloo”) and some I didn’t like as much. But overall, I was happy with how the season shaped up and I’m really looking forward to the concluding episodes.

I thought season three was Girlsstrongest yet, particularly in the writing for Hannah’s character. “Beach House” will always be one of my favorite episodes. I can’t wait for this one to return in 2015!

Orphan Black
Some shows lose their appeal as they expand their universes – not Orphan Black. The most recent season expanded the scope of the show and raised the stakes, but it never faltered. Each episode kept me on the edge of my seat, and Tatiana Maslany continues to deliver one of the best acting performances on television.

Parks and Recreation
That twist! I know NBC is going to be burning through episodes at a record pace in 2015, but I can’t wait to see the final season of this beloved show.

New, or New To Me

The Good Wife
This show is in its sixth season, but I only began watching it on Netflix this summer. Everyone who’d ever told me I was missing out on something great was right – it’s a fantastic show. This season has been strong, which is pretty impressive for a series that has produced over 120 episodes.

The Affair
One of the few new shows I watched this year. The Affair stars two actors I like – Dominic West and Ruth Wilson. Don’t be fooled by the title – the series isn’t just about cheating. A murder mystery is at the center, entangled by family dramas and selfish, cheating spouses.

Brooklyn 99
This is another show I caught up on via Netflix over the summer. With Parks and Rec ending soon, I’m glad to have it.

OK, so I haven’t finished watching Broadchurch yet. My husband and I just started it on Netflix, and I was hooked after one episode. We’ve now seen three episodes of eight, but I guarantee you I’ll have finished the season by tomorrow night. British crime dramas are my drug of choice – can’t stop won’t stop.

The Things I Was More Obsessed About Than Any TV Show

Like many other people, my favorite show this year wasn’t a TV series – it was a podcast. Yes, I can’t finish this post without mentioning Serial. I’ve been a fan of This American Life for a while, so I heard the first episode of Serial via that podcast. I was immediately hooked, and obsessively listened to and assessed the show every week. Just ask my co-workers – it’s all I talk about.

As a lover of investigative reporting and true crime, this series was right up my alley. For a while I would listen to each episode several times, convinced that I’d be able to crack the case like I could during an episode of Sherlock. But of course not –  it’s real life, and therefore much messier than a carefully crafted fictional mystery. No matter – it’s still the best storytelling of the year.

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