Two arrested after discovery of weapon in car

At approximately 3:10 pm on June 5th members of the Hali­fax Regional Police were on patrol in the Victoria Rd area of Dartmouth when they observed a minor motor vehicle collisi­on near 95 Victoria Rd,  Dartmouth High School.  While inves­tigating that collis­ion members discover­ed that the occupants of one of the vehi­cles were in possess­ion  of a loaded saw­ed off shotgun, a la­rge bottle of prescr­iption pills and a small amount of marij­uana. An 18 year old man and a 25 year old man, both from La­ke Echo were arrested at the scene witho­ut incident and will be appearing in Dar­tmouth Provincial Co­urt on June 6  to face charges of  Weapons Dangerous to the Public, Carele­ss use of a firearm, possession of an un­authorized firearm, unauthorized possess­ion of a firearm in a motor vehicle and carrying a concealed weapon.


Source: Media Release

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