Uber expands ridesharing platform to all remaining areas within HRM

Today, Uber officially expanded its ridesharing platform to encompass all areas within the Halifax municipal boundaries. This significant development offers residents and visitors an option to request an on-demand ride at the touch of a button, enhancing transportation options across the region. Previously, only select areas of HRM were available for service.

The expansion means that Uber’s service area now covers the entirety of Halifax, including popular destinations such as Peggy’s Cove and the Eastern Shore. By extending its reach, Uber aims to provide greater convenience and accessibility to those living in or visiting Halifax, allowing for seamless travel across the city’s diverse neighborhoods and attractions.

“Expanding our service to cover all of Halifax ensures that everyone, whether a local or a tourist, can easily access reliable transportation whenever they need it,” said an Uber spokesperson. “We are excited to bring our platform to more people and help make getting around Halifax easier than ever.”

This move aligns with Uber’s broader strategy to enhance mobility solutions in urban areas by offering a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional transportation methods. With the inclusion of all municipal areas in Halifax, Uber continues to solidify its presence in the Canadian market, providing a dependable ridesharing option for a wider audience.

The expansion is expected to have a positive impact on local businesses, tourism, and the daily commute of residents. By integrating more areas into its service network, Uber is positioned to support the growing demand for efficient and accessible transportation in Halifax.

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