Um, Favourite Monday? Cause Ally Missed Friday?

Ally: So, I gave L-A and Guest Blogger Anthony fair warning last week that the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy for me on the real-life-work-front. That means you get a break from the ridiculousness that is my blog posting. Not today though! Today I get to share with you my speed-retail-purchases!

What is speed-retail-purchasing you ask? It’s what you do when  you are in downtown Halifax proper and you have ten minutes to spare. Especially when you have ten minutes and you find yourself in front of Foreign Affair.

Did you all know they currently (or they did as of last week) have a jeans for $99 or less rack? Yes. They do, friends.

Um, Favourite Monday? Cause Ally Missed Friday?

I wanted the skinnies, but my husband continually reminds me that at age 33, I should be retiring, not investing in skin tight jeans. He sucks.


These are the Colbalt Blue Bells from Rag & Bone.

I adore Rag & Bone.

We already know that I love House of Harlow. So when I saw that a HoH bracelet was on sale, I clearly purchased it. Approximately $20, peeps.

Um, Favourite Monday? Cause Ally Missed Friday?


It slightly hurts my wrist, but I ain’t care none. This bracelet is something I share in common with Rihanna.

Um, Favourite Monday? Cause Ally Missed Friday?

Bet she paid more than 20 bones. Or got it free. Whatever.


So, I’ve got my shopping swagger back. Now I’m on the hunt for a few more blazers. I mentioned this the other day, but I’ve gotten no help from you guys. C’mon. Where can I find a nice, slim fitting blazer. Bonus points if I can roll the cuffs up.

Lastly, L-A really struggles with the Crappy Pop Video of the Week when I’m away. I find this endearing. For me, it’s like, “Which one can I choose from??!!” I felt like we (read: SHE) let you down on Friday. Let me make it up to you. Let me also use the word EPIC.


I worry that you might not be able to see the video, since I had to sign in to YouTube in order to post it. Apparently it’s offensive. Which is funny, because I don’t find her boyfriend’s (her real life boyfriend!) abs offensive at all. Perhaps the acting in the front half was shit, yes, but the sweet scent of Britney from yesteryear made up for that. If you can’t see it, let me give you this. Who doesn’t love Kelly Clarkson? L-A, that was rhetorical.

L-A: I’m really glad you don’t want a real answer to that question. Because I’m pretty sure you won’t like mine. But because I sucked it up on the crappy video on Friday, I will let it slide.

Anyway, I too have been speed shopping. Last week was the first in many where I didn’t run run into a store all frazzled and sweaty, minutes before they lock the door, the day before you have an event and declaring, “I need X. Now.” X being anything from a sparkly pashmina to a dressy (yet reasonably priced) cardigan to a black cocktail dress.

In these mad dashes through downtown, I’ve determined that the side-effects of speed-shopping spending more than planned, increased irritability, sweating, breathlessness and bad hair. There was at least once I wanted to yell at someone after she asked me what time I had on my watch, because hers said after 6p.m. (I wanted to say, “the sign says open, bitch”, but refrained. I’ve worked retail. I know the feeling of wanted to lock the hell up and get home).

Anyway, I did get lucky in my speed shopping. Like finding a super cute dress by a Project Runway Canada dude at Suit Yourself in the Brewery Market. I’m pretty sure speed-shopping is the reason I made the leap and impulse bought the dress. I didn’t even ask what the return policy was (in case of buyer’s remorse). I just went for it. On my own. With zero second opinion (really unlike me).

Um, Favourite Monday? Cause Ally Missed Friday?

shopping channel model is not selling this dress.

I’m a little iffy about the dress being available on the Shopping Channel for four easy payments, but whatevs. It’s cute and that’s the main thing.

Anyway, while Ally contemplates the use of the underside of her desk as a work fallout shelter for the next few weeks and I ramp up craft production for Halifax Crafters, you may see more posts from the West Coast Bureau (plus some other guest posts). So here’s a little video to describe how we might be feeling in November:

(my google search history knows I’m a geek – I tried to google that video up and it kept offering me “npr planet money” as a suggestion. I’m okay with that. They had a really good series on toxic assets).

And finally, a possible favourite thing that developed over the weekend: I’m thinking of changing up the hairdo. I recycled last year’s costume for a party and I’m now thinking of making the hair a little less Anna Wintour and a little more Margot Tennenbaum:

Um, Favourite Monday? Cause Ally Missed Friday?

minus the severe eye makeup.


The eye makeup is a bit much for the office (and I still can’t put it on right – it took me 45 minutes to do my party eyemakeup) and I need my bangs, but this’ll be the inspiration. I guess that means I really need to invest in a new straightener soon (mine currently employs duct tape to keep it going).


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Scary Love – Paranormal Romances

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