Unattached Patient Incentive Update

Another 142 family doctors in Nova Scotia have taken on new patients in the second month of a new incentive for them.

Numbers from May show 2,011 more patients across the province now have a family doctor, as a result of the Patient Attachment Incentive Trust. This incentive was recently announced by government and Doctors Nova Scotia.

Since April 1, 319 doctors have submitted claims, taking on a total of 2,893 new patients.

Over the last two months family doctors from every zone have been taking on new patients. In the zone breakdown below, the number of family doctors equals 322 due to individual physicians taking patients from multiple zones or under different funding models.

Here is the zone breakdown:
— Central – 171 family doctors have taken on 1,431 patients
— Eastern – 49 family doctors have taken on 493 patients
— Western – 59 family doctors have taken on 724 patients
— Northern – 43 family doctors have taken on 245 patients

The incentive was announced in March as part of an investment to improve access to primary care. Family doctors are eligible for a one-time incentive of $150 per patient for accepting someone from the 811 Need a Family Practice Registry. The incentive is also available to family doctors who take on new patients referred from an emergency department or a practice where a doctor is retiring or moving.

$6.4 million has been placed in the Patient Attachment Incentive Trust, which is managed by an independent trustee.

Nova Scotians who need a primary care provider should register with Nova Scotia Health Authority’s provincial list, by visiting needafamilypractice.nshealth.ca or by calling 8-1-1, Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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