Unexpected Gifts

Well I asked and you all answered!  My two posts on tightening up our budget have received quite a lot of positive feedback. 

Tara was kind enough to share an awesome (and free!) online personal finance tracking siteBudget Pulse.  I was always so jealous that Americans had mint.com, not anymore, this site works for Canadians! I’ve got all our information entered – including uploading bank & credit card statements, listing assets and liabilities and have determined we have a somewhat sad net worth of $51K.

I did just alright today with money.  Since we didn’t cook last night I had nothing prepared for my lunch.  I ended up spending $6 on a egg white sub.   This is the last time I make that mistake.  It literally pays to be organized.

Also, received an unexpected little gift at work today that allowed me to shop without spending a dime! ;)  Unexpected gifts are the best and this one made my day!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I’ve been really into reading lately so I just picked a few books from my list of “To Reads” (along with one for hubby) and took advantage of free shipping to boot!  If you’re wondering, Eat Pray Love and A Year in Provence made it to my cart.

We’re having a pretty mellow evening.  Did some cleaning, watched the second episode of Losing It With Jillian <—still not that into it.  Hubby’s now playing one of his video games and I’m hanging with the kitty kats, blogging and watching tv.

Oh yeah, almost forgot – here’s the garden all finished.  I realize that the rows are a little high. ;)  It was our first time every doing this… but apparently it’s not a big deal

I’m so impatient, I want the plants to come up now!!

Looking to be a fun weekend, first and foremost –it’s going to be sunny!!  Meeting up with Jaime tomorrow morning for a little coffee at Two If By Sea and then Holly and Dean are coming over for the night. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

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