Unexpected Win: Why L-A is bad at gambling

L-A: Here at FPQT, we like throw downs. We make bitchfaces and tell people to bring it on (mostly because I love Bring It On. I’ll spare you the video clip as I’ve used it at least twice before, so you should know it by now). We rarely mean it. Which is why we were a little bit surprised to win an Oscar pool.  Seriously, we just entered so I could have some arts and crafts time with a Dolce & Gabbana ad:

(picture taken by Lauren – she was the awesome person who organized the pool)

So, when we won, I was not only surprised, but embarrassed. And here’s why: I suck at gambling. I hate losing my money and I hate taking other people’s money. Do not play poker with me (partly because I don’t know how to play poker…or do I?).

(wow…that was creepy, muppets)

The only gambling I can do is slot machines – I still hate losing my money, but at least I don’t feel guilty for taking someone’s cash.

Anyway, FPQT is turning the big 0-1 soon, so we’re thinking we’ll use our winnings to go for drinks and invite folks to join us. That way, if we’re buying a couple of drinks for other people, I will feel less guilty about winning the Oscar pool. (I am a pro at being guilty…even when I don’t need to be). Anyone interested?

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