Are you feeling uninspired? Stuck for ideas? Facing a room that needs a little something, but don’t know where to begin?

It happens. And it’s ok to admit it.

In fact, it happens to me too. It’s happening right now. So I was thinking about all of the things I do to get inspired and I thought some of these tips may help you too.

Here are some tips and tricks to inspire:

• Don’t worry about having a plan for an entire room right away. Start small…with one item and slowly build on it. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed and give up!

• Look for inspiration in obvious places – don’t over think it!
o Flip through design magazines. Even flip through a fashion magazine or two.
o Watch a couple of design shows…HGTV offers a bazillion.
o Visit a couple of design and décor websites and blogs.
o If there is a paint color you love, grab a bunch of the paint chips to have on hand while you start to develop your ideas and look at accessories.

• Look for inspiration in the not so obvious places, too. This is my favorite way to get inspired!
o Visit home décor shops…both the big box and the smaller boutiques to slowly browse.
o Pay attention to colors, patterns, shapes and styles.
o If any item speaks to you, that may be your starting point. It could be something big or something small. Consider a lamp, a vase, dishware, a piece of furniture…anything, really.
o Don’t forget to look at fabrics and textiles…these often trigger something and are excellent jumping off points that lead to an entire room inspiration!
o Look at bedding, rugs, pillows, table cloths, and curtains. And don’t forget wall paper and wrapping paper, too!
o Go to your closet. Pick out your favorite dress or outfit. Think about how it makes you feel and why you like it so much. Translate that into an idea for your room décor. Keep those elements in mind while you start to build your plan for the room.

• Don’t fall into the trap of looking for a complete room – either on display or in a magazine – and feel like you have to go out and buy everything exactly as it is to replicate it in your space.

• Make it personal. Good, complete design that you will want to live with should reflect elements of your own personality.

• Build it up over time and add in layers as you go. No pressure to do it all right away. But it’s important to have a general plan and stick to the overall idea as you go. Great, inviting rooms should evolve as you do!

rouge is going to go out tomorrow with these things in mind and do a little slow and easy Sunday window shopping …maybe I’ll see you on my travels!

And send me a note about something that inspires you, would you?

Wishing you a week full of creativity and inspiration…

For more about rouge, visit www.littlered.ca or check out past blogs at www.justalittlerouge/blogspot.com

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