Universities and Colleges in Halifax for International Students

A lot of students from overseas decide to get a higher education diploma in Canada. This country attracts them due to a large number of benefits that you will find in this post. We’ll also review the best Halifax universities for international students to enter.

Top Reasons to Study in Canada

International learners choose Canada because of prices, level of education, and immigration opportunities. However, let’s review all the benefits of studying in Canada in more detail.

Affordable Prices

It’s not a secret that Canada’s tuition fees are lower than in universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the level of education remains one of the best. By the way, the prices for essay writing services in Canada are also lower, on the essayservice website you can purchase essay at a low price, the best writers in Canada work here.

High Education Standards

When a student gets a diploma in Canada, it’s a sign of an excellent educational level. Therefore, employers all around the world have no doubts, hiring graduates with a Canadian university diploma.

Job Opportunities

Even though Canada is a country with affordable prices, a lot of students want to have additional income to cover their expenses. Studying in Canada, students can apply for scholarships or work up to 20 hours a week.

Also, learners can find a side hustle. For instance, some students prefer to pay to do essay for them. It can become a source of extra income if you have good writing skills.

Immigration Opportunities

Canada is a very safe country with ample job opportunities and cultural diversity. Therefore, a lot of learners decide to stay here after graduation. Canada offers a lot of immigration programs for skilled and high-qualified workers. After graduation from university, all international students can stay and work in Canada for three years. 

Best Universities for International Students in Halifax, Canada

Halifax is one of the most popular destinations for international learners to study. It has a great location and a wealthy economy that brings a lot of opportunities to learners. Also, it is a vibrant city with an interesting student’s life. 

Saint Mary’s University

It is a very popular college in Halifax. Its campus is compact but located in the urban area. The university is famous for its programs in business and chemistry. Also, it focuses on athletics and has one of the best women basketball teams. 

This college is a great choice for international students. There are more than 100 students from overseas in St. Mary’s University. International and Canadian learners study together and have equal rights and responsibilities. However, to enter this educational institution, foreign learners have to confirm their English proficiency. They should pass English tests like TOEFL, Pearson PTE, CAEL, IELTS, etc. 

University of King’s College

It is a liberal arts university with more than 200-year history. The university has a famous school of journalism. Therefore, if you want to acquire this profession, you can hardly find a better place to study journalism in Halifax. 

Also, the university is well-recognized by its foundation year program. It allows students to make a self-journey, explore the history of ideas, and choose a major more deliberately.

Note, education in this university isn’t easy and requires complete concentration on lectures. However, some students don’t want to spend all their free time studying. 

Consequently, the question, “Who can do my statistics homework for me?” appears in their minds. Online essay writing services help them to get their homework done with no hassle. 

Mount St. Vincent

Founded as a women’s school in the nineteenth century, it is a leading liberal arts college in Halifax. They offer undergraduate programs in nursing, business, and public relations. The student to faculty ratio in this university is 13:1. 

If you want to enter this college as an international student, you need to pass two years at your local college first. Then you need to apply for the “2 + 2 Transfer Juniors program” and continue your education in Mount St. Vincent university. 

Don’t forget that all the applicants should pass the TOEFL test and get at least 550 points or pass the IELTS test with a score that is over 6.0.

Dalhousie University

It is a research university in Halifax, Canada. Should be noted, only three campuses of Dalhousie University are in Halifax. The other two are in Bible Hill and Saint John, New Brunswick. It offers over 190-degree programs with 3700 courses. 

Prospective students from overseas who want to enter this university should know that they have a dedicated center for international students. Using this portal, they can learn more about the university, students’ opportunities and submit online applications. 

Helpful Recommendation for International Students

Since it’s quite hard to get financial aid for international students in Canada, most of them experience a lack of budget. Therefore, being an international student, you need to spend your money wisely. 

Feel free to write down all your expenses and create a well-thought-out budget not to spend more than you have. Also, try to save your money when purchasing something. 

For instance, if you decide to pay someone to do your homework, surf the Internet and find the best essay writing platform. Take a closer look at rates and examine reviews from other users on the Internet to find the best value company.

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