Up All Night: Baby You Can’t Drive That Car

You know what I like most about  Up All Night? The more I watch this show (which could easily become my favorite new fall comedy…but we’ll see where both this show and New Girl go…) the more I see that this could so easily be my future. Reagan buying the baby cowboy boots online over a glass of wine? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s me in about five years, right down to the squeal as she clicks to confirm the purchase. My baby will definitely have pink cowboy boots.

I just find that even without children of my own, this show is funny and easy to relate to. I will not want a dowdy mom car. I will hate neighbors like the ones Chris ad Reagan have. I might forget the baby on the front step as I’m trying to pack for a trip to the beach.

The relationship between Reagan and Chris on this show is what keeps me coming back, and they had more than a few laugh-out-loud moments this week. What the show needs to work on is Maya Rudolph’s role in the series as Ava, but even that is starting to come along for me. I really liked her storyline this week, which resulted in Chris getting his nerd on as he helped her study to interview a famous economist on her talk show.

Overall I think this show it really hitting its stride. It’s been picked up for a full season, so I recommend y’all check it out. Now here are some of my favorite quotes and moments from “New Car”:

  • “I’m in a magazine? Is it Stars- They’re Just Like Us? Am I feeding the meter or drinking out of a cup?” – Ava
  • Reagan’s fantasies about what people think when they see her in her cool convertible. “Is that Suzanne Somers from American Graffiti? Or is that a mob boss’s wife? Clearly that girl has her own fragrance line.”
  • Tootie from The Facts of Life went to Pepperdine.
  • I liked seeing Ava go through all the preparations for a night of reading, only to bail and haul that poor assistant off to Vegas to party at 2pm.
  • “A tape deck! That is so perfect. As you know, a lot of the early J. Geils Band is not available on CD.” – Chris
  • Ava: “Look at this guy. He looks all mean and judgey. I’m gonna feel as dumb as I did in my sad high school days on the Florida panhandle, wearing my mannish cousin’s hand-me-down overalls.”
    Reagan: “We all know the back story.”
    Ava: “…a hurricane took our home.”
    Reagan: “That didn’t happen.”

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