Up All Night: Fancypants

It’s Will Forte! He’s a bonus favorite thing.

I’m not sure if Up All Night is a show I want to do full reviews of every week, but I will say that I really liked last night’s episode. I still think, particularly based on the chemistry between Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, that this show has potential.

Instead, I give you my Five Favorite Things From Up All Night This Week:

  1. Regan coming to breakfast in a ball gown. I feel like this is totally something I would do. When you’re hurt and want to rub in someone’s insensitive comment, comedy is the way to go. I thought her vaguely British posh accent was hilarious. 
  2. Chris quoting Gwyneth Paltrow’s Twitter feed. I really, really like this role for Will Arnett. I thought he was hilarious this week with all his attempts to rekindle the romance with Regan and get her to put on something other than maternity wear when she comes home from work. 
  3. Chris’s mad Photoshop skills. I loved that he put them next to the Obama family.
  4. Best Ava line of the night: “I might not be good with relationships, but I’m really good at giving people advice about theirs. That’s why they gave me my own show.” 
  5. Everything Regan said to those strangers when she walked into the restaurant.

I’ll admit, there aren’t a ton of laughs from this show yet, but I do think it’s laying the groundwork for a good series. Are you watching? What do you think?



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