Upcoming programs at Captain William Spry library

Here’s a list of some upcoming programs at Captain William Spry library in the next two months. Check ’em out!

Adult Programs » 2011 Atlantic Book Awards
Anne Emery: Children in the Morning

Author reading. When Beau Delaney, a prominent lawyer and the father of ten children, is charged with his wife’s murder, lawyer and bluesman Monty Collins is hired to defend him. As he tries to save Delaney from life in prison, Monty struggles with his client, who is keeping secrets, and a mysterious eleventh child who shows up and demands to participate in the trial. Anne Emery has worked as a lawyer, legal affairs reporter and researcher and lives in Halifax. Anne is nominated for the Dartmouth Book Award (Fiction).

Captain William Spry Public Library
Wednesday, May 18/6:30 pm

Terrence Punch Book Launch
Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada, by Terrence M. Punch
Thousands of Scots Highlanders and Lowlanders, reached the shores of the Maritimes between 1770 and 1850.
Now, in the first of two books on the matter, genealogy expert Dr. Punch traces their names and Maritime history.
Captain William Spry Public Library
Wednesday, May 25 / 7:00 pm
Adult Programs » Health & Wellness » For Parents
Parent Chat

Dr. Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Fiancial Chair in adolescent mental health at the IWK Health Centre, will take your questions on parenting teens through: behaviour issues, peer pressure, drugs & alcohol use, self esteem, depression/anxiety, boundary setting and more.

Captain William Spry Public Library
Wednesday, June 1/7:00 pm

Adult Programs » Music, Art & Film » Theatre Arts Guild
Join us for two performance amongst the library shelves……
Two Slatterns and a King, by Edna St. Vincent Millay [1921] The King has decided he must take a wife — one who is a good housekeeper and cook.Who does he choose? Miss Tidy, a Martha Stewart clone, or Miss Slut, whose kitchen is frankly, one big mess. The choice would seem obvious, but Chance is lurking in the background!
The Ugly Duckling (excerpt), by A.A. Milne [1941] The Prince, disguised as his servant, has journeyed to a far country and met the Princess, disguised as her maid. They have, of course, fallen in love. But the father of the Princess has a riddle which must be solved before the marriage can take place.Who is to answer this – the Prince (pretending to be his servant) or Carlo (pretending to be his master)?

Captain William Spry Public Library
Saturday, June 25/2:00 pm

Adult Programs » Seniors’ Week » Serving Seniors Program Series
Rotary Club – ABCs of Fraud

Learn basic strategies to protect yourself from fraud, scams and identity theft.
The following programs are presented by members of Serving Seniors Alliance – local businesses and organizations providing services and education to seniors in the Halifax Regional Municipality. www.servingseniors.info

Captain William Spry Public Library
Saturday, June 18/2:00 pm


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Book Launch – Elizabeth Bishop: Nova Scotia’s Home-made Poet, by Sandra Barry

17 Reasons Why Rain is a Good Thing:)