Update on the Independent Review of Forest Practices

Natural Resources Minister Margaret Miller has extended the time frame for the Independent Review of Forest Practices. The review, launched on Aug. 30, will be completed at the end of April.

University of King’s College president Bill Lahey, who is leading the review of forest practices, requested the extension, as more work is required to complete the report.

“It’s clear to me that Professor Lahey is being very thorough, and that is most important when we’re dealing with the sustainability of forests and the forest sector,” said Ms. Miller. “The issues are complex and we need to get it right.”

The review will provide recommendations to improve how Nova Scotia balances long-term environmental, social and economic interests in managing the province’s forests.

For information and updates on the Independent Review of Forest Practices review, visit http://www.novascotia.ca/natr/forestry/Forest_Review

Source: Release

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