Update on the injured raccoon


On early Friday morning. (August 4th), a scared and injured raccoon caught the attention of many onlookers on Portland St. Concerned for his well being, concerned witnesses called for help. Providing a barrier between the road and others in the area, people formed a loose barrier while waiting for assistance .

First on scene was HRP Cst Quesnel, who helped keep the furry victim off the road as well as from scurrying up a tree.

More help arrived in the form of two DNR crew who, with the help of Cst Quesnel, brought the little fellow out in a clean green bin which Cst Quesnel used prior to DNR’s arrival to safely house the raccoon.

After enquiring about the raccoon’s current condition, DNR spokesperson Heather Fairbairn replied with this message.

“After being taken to the Department of Natural Resources office in Waverly for assessment, the racoon was released on crown land later that day. It was determined there was no indication of disease and any injuries were very minor. The greenbin was returned to the site.”


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