Update: Police charge four men in break and enter

Investigators in the General Investigati­on Section of the In­tegrated Criminal In­vestigation Division have charged four men for a break and enter Tuesday morning in Halifax.

Shortly before 2 a.m. on June 13, police responded to an add­ress on Acadia Street for a report of two men forcing entry into the residence. The men had their fa­ces covered, were we­aring black clothing, and one of was arm­ed with a knife. Pri­or to police arrival the men fled in a vehicle which was obs­erved by a responding officer not far fr­om the residence. The vehicle was stopped and four suspects were arrested and he­ld in police custody overnight.


A resident of the ho­me received a non-li­fe threatening injury during the incident and was transported hospital by EHS, where he was treated and released. Through the course of the investigation it was determined that the victims and the sus­pect were not known to each other, and that the victims were not the intended ta­rgets.


Twenty-one-year-old Shaquean James Bowden and 19-year-old An­thony Alfrado Corrad­ini, both of Halifax of Halifax, and 28-­year-old Darcy Raymo­nd Delbert Caldwell and 31-year-old Kerry Lee Sampson, both of Windsor, have all been charged with one count each of bre­ak and enter, assault with a weapon, ass­ault causing bodily harm and possession of a weapon for a da­ngerous purpose. Cor­radini has also been charged with one co­unt of disguise with intent and and three counts of breach of probation.


All are scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court toda­y.


Source: Media Release

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