UPDATED: 4 NEW Features on Your Inner Skinny

1. Workout Of the Week (W.O.W.)

Every week I’ll be posting a new workout for you (and me) to try out. It could be something that I’ve done myself or come up with on my own or it could be one that I know will simply kick your butt in the gym.  The W.O.W. will be posted every Monday morning and will be featured on the home page.

2. Ask The Experts

Have a question about health, fitness, nutrition, diet, exercise or anything else you can think of?  YIS has sought out different experts from all over with all kinds of different experience and advice to help you and answer your questions.

3. YIS Fresh Video

Every few weeks, I’ll be posting a video that I liked or inspired me. It may be a video blog done by me, a workout or simply something that I found on YouTube or online that I believe to be helpful or inspiring.

4. Recipe of the Week

The Recipe of the Week will be posted every Wednesday and will be featured on the home page of the website.  This could be something as simple as a healthy dip or something as elaborate as a 4 course meal (there isn’t a 4 course meal, but there could be!).  All recipes are healthy, balanced and delicious!

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