US CP hauls

I have no idea where time went lately. Every morning I woke up, I kept asking myself what day it was and whether I had to go to work. Crazy stage of my life, I think.

This is an over-due post, as I got these items way back at Christmas. They were CP’ed for me by the bf at US drugstores. Every time they had a good sale, I asked him to get a few things. And he ended up putting them in a gift box for me at Christmas, didn’t want me to pay him back 🙂

First batch, from Ulta sale:
– NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Rocky Mountain Green, Electric Blue and Gold. I was looking for the 4 new ones that came out last summer, but the store didn’t have Purple Velvet and Pure Gold.
– Physician’s Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner for Green Eyes. There is quite a mark-up for this item in Canada, I didn’t want to buy it here.
– LA Splash nail polish, from L-R: Sparkling Rose, Sparkling Jellyfish, Golden Seahorse, Pretty Jellyfish and Terra Beach.

LA Splash has recently arrived at Lawtons, but the nail polish are CAD4.99 here (I think), so US sale still beats it.

Can’t remember which store exactly this is from, but it gotta be a BOGO or BOGO 1/2 sale.
– Milani Liquif’ Eye Metallic Eyeliner pencil in Silver. One of the best sellers from Milani, so I gotta get one.
– Milani Lip Flash gloss pencils in Hot Flash and Photo Flash. Lots of raves for these as well, review is coming.
– Milani Gems nail polish. This shade was certainly the most wanted, but I kinda regret I didn’t ask for other shades from this collection too, as they are all fabulous. I wore Gems for New Years Eve, feeling all bling-y 🙂

More nail polish:
– Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Purple Fiesta and Concrete
– Sally Hansen Complete Salon in Problem Child and Sequin Scandal.

These aren’t new or anything, but they were 50% off 🙂 My Melmer drawer for Sally Hansen is overflowing, just because it has so many lines, and keeps coming out with new shades. Xtreme Wear and Complete Salon are the most popular among all Sally Hansen in my stash.

– Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Coral Reef. I finally got a hold of this shade (for cheap), as it was a LE colour in Canada up until recently when it was released with a new collection.
– Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick in Red Velvet and Wine Room. Heard quite a lot about these lipsticks, and they were BOGO. What not to love?
– L’Oreal HIP shadow pigment in Intrepid. Can’t remember exactly now but I think this was the only item I got at CVS 75% off sale. It is the most beautiful duochrome shade among the HIP pigments, IMO.

As I tried to put the stuff away after Christmas, I went into quite a withdrawal, seeing how much makeup I have. Have been “enforcing” a low buy on myself since. My defense is I got them on sale, but still I need to downsize, right?

These EOS lip balms, however, are must-haves. As I was frustrated not being able to find them around here, there was a promo where you technically could get them for free in the US. The bf found Lemon Drop (SPF15) and Summer Fruit for me.

Very recently, I saw the Honeysuckle (green) ones at my Shoppers, sold for CAD5.99 though. Only if you are still looking for them.

Hope everyone is doing well. Today is the second day with freezing temperature we have here. We are talking -30 degrees (for those in the US, it’s -22 Fahrenheit). And we are right next to the ocean, so the wind is just killing my face, on top of that. Now that is Canadian winter for you 🙂


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