Use Christmas caution at parties this holiday season

Use Christmas caution at parties this holiday season On the Fifth Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP said to me…. “The holiday season should be full of cheer, but take all precautions at parties this year.”

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many people. Below are a few tips to keep in mind while entertaining guests or attending a holiday social:

– Keep an eye on your beverage at all times. Don’t drink anything that you did not see poured or open yourself. It only takes seconds for a substance to be placed in your drink

– If you leave a drink unattended for any amount of time, pour it out and get a new drink. Date rape drugs (i.e. GHB and ketamine) are virtually undetectable once put into a drink, rohypnol will turn liquids blue, and dark liquids cloudy.

– While entertaining guests, never serve alcohol to minors and have a plan in advance to allow your guests to drive home safe

– Monitor and supervise the serving of alcohol or designate a responsible adult “bartender”

– Always have lots of non-alcoholic choices available

– Encourage guests to name a designated driver or leave their vehicle at home to take a taxi or a drive-home service such as Operation Red Nose

– If the person insists on driving after drinking call the police. This could be the difference between an upset friend or more tragic consequences

– Remember the BAC is now .05, and the RCMP is diligent about taking action against impaired driving


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