Useful Smartphone Apps During Pandemic

More than one hundred thousand apps are downloaded every day in the world. It has
become an integral part of our life, we download what we need. Even when buying a new phone, the first thing we do is download new or old apps. These can be both work
applications and games. But now we are not talking about games, so if this aspect interests you, then continue reading at Playamo.

Now, during the epidemic of the virus, the issue of security has become especially important. Every day we check statistics and watch the news. But now it is not necessary to search for it on different sites on the Internet. At the moment, in the App Store and Play Market, you can already find useful apps with coronavirus statistics.

So let’s discover 5 of the most popular apps that will help you during pandemic.

Covid Watch
This app will definitely help you in whatever public place you are in. Using the Bluetooth connection, the application notifies its owner if a person with a positive Covid result is next to him. At the same time, the confidentiality of users remains classified. The only person who can view the data sent by the application is the government.

The app is really useful to use, as you can never be sure that the person next to you is healthy. Therefore, it is always worth insuring yourself.


An app that works on the same principle as the previous one. If you are near people who are sick or have seen sick people within 15 days, you will receive a notification on your phone. In doing so, you must allow the app to track your location. Information about your location is compared with the data of where the infected were.

Unlike the previous app, this one was created by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Covid Symptom Tracker

Doctors in the UK also do not stand still, and now they are offering to download an
application that will help medicine.

The person who downloaded the application will be able to enter their data and take a
survey on their well-being. All data that remains in the app is sent to the Ministry of Health. This is done exclusively for medical purposes, in order to analyze and conduct statistics on those infected in the country.

Thanks to this app, it will be easier for the healthcare system to fight the virus.

Aarogya Setu

Another useful application for keeping track of those who have grown up next to you. In order to be sure that there is a healthy person next to yours, you just need to turn on Bluetooth. The app is optimized to keep your phone running low.

If you are near a sick person, you will receive a notification on your phone. And you can also be sure that your data remains confidential and available only to the government and the Ministry of Health.

And of course, don’t forget about apps that track your overall health, as well as apps for calculating calories, meditation, and fitness. Such applications can actually do a lot more crawling than constantly tracking growth or declining statistics.

Stay safe and don’t panic!

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