Valentine’s Day Treats at SSusie’s Shortbreads

Ah- the joy I get from delivering a gourmet cupcake to an unsuspecting sweet tooth! Yesterday, I went to Susie’s Shortbreads to pick up some treats for a few sweet people in my life. TJ Peach, of SS has created some Valentine’s Day special flavours to surprise your special someone. I made a cupcake delivery yesterday afternoon, but also picked up something a little different for dessert at my Valentine’s Day dinner this evening.
Tucked away on Dresden Row, just off Spring Garden Road, SS is a delightful place to stop in order to quell that sugar craving. Sit at the counter and have a coffee with your snack, or make a delivery to someone special! I’ve written about SS cupcakes before; both their Strawberry Fields, and their Swiss Alps cupcakes. SS has 100 flavours in their roster, with moist cake and rich buttercreams ranging in flavours from Reece’s Pieces and Peppermint, to Caramel Apple and Cinnamon Bun. Check out their incredible list of flavours here. SS also posts a list of their daily flavours, so that you can choose your cupcake before you even enter the store!
They also have a selection of shortbreads; cupcake truffles, cake and buttercream centres enrobed in chocolate and cheesecake babies, mini bite size cheesecakes made with SS’ shortbread cookie crust. Because all of their products are such a hit, SS has started to sell tubs of their frozen cookie dough and glorious buttercream!

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