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As a 45 year old single woman, I really can’t stand all this hype over Valentine’s Day.  Frankly I just don’t understand why one day out of 365 is so important to those that have found a mate.  Notice I didn’t say soul mate, lover, or better half.  I will embellish on this soon enough.
Personally, I think it you have a partner, male or female; you should feel love, compassion, and trust 365/24/7 and not just show it on one day.  Mind you like any friendship or relationship there will be days when you want to take a cheese grater to the others face or flush the toilet while they are showering…  it’s human nature to not be “ in love” 365/24/7.  We all can get on each other’s nerves.

With that being said, this day originates from a grizzly event, and I choose not to participate for several reasons which I will not elaborate on as it is really none of your business. I’m a realist and believe that the more you promote a made up holiday, the more you exclude those that are a huge part of our populace.  Marriages are not the norm these days.  The Church hasn’t the control it had before on our daily lives and I’m not going to delve into that issue, but I will say that if anything we as humans should be celebrating our individuality and ability to be kind to each other and not this ploy to sell greeting cards, flowers, candy, and whatever else people give on this supposed event.

As a society we need to stop with the hype and move toward love and compassion 365/24/7.  One nice deed a day to a fellow human, animal, or plant could make this world a better place for all of us, so why are we still allowing this marketing ploy to dictate our lives? It’s a money maker. It generates high expectations from those we admire or hope to be admired from.  It plays on our insecurities and causes doubt to creep into our minds that if we do not have a person we think enough about to spend money on, then we are dysfunctional and perhaps not good enough to be loved. We all deserve to feel needed, wanted and loved with or without another in our lives. 

Well sisters and brothers, I say stand up and say no more!  We are all worth something and we do not need someone else to prop you up or to make you feel good about ourselves.  For example today I bought the Germination Station so I could grow fresh greens which I plan on sharing with my friends and neighbours.  I was happy to treat myself to something that I will be able to share. Make random acts of kindness not so random.  Make them your new mission!

Please think over my thoughts…  I’m sure I will get flack for this blog. 

Source: http://dawnsloane.blogspot.com/2013/02/valentinesshhhmalentines.html

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