Veg Heads

Hey Bloggies – just checking in with everyone as another weekend winds down. 

To answer your question, I got the Vega Sport packets from Superstore and I saw them today (in both packet & tub form) at Planet Organic.   The Acai Berry was good and I’m looking forward to trying to Lemon Lime one next. 

This morning we made it to the gym but ended up not staying as long as I had hoped for.  We were a little behind schedule and Hubby was ready to leave.  I was hoping to get in another 10 mins of HI Cardio + strength training.  This is what I ended up doing:

Precor 20 mins
Treadmill 10 mins
Stairmaster 10 mins
Cross Trainer 10 mins
Post workout stretching 5 mins

This was all high intensity, I was sweating like crazy and according to Mr. Polar I burnt off almost 600 cals. Nice.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m bored of running, which is why my head isn’t in the head 100%.  It was really nice to mix it all up with the various cardio machines.  I have committed to the half marathon though so there’s not even a question as to if I will still complete it.  Of course I will. I’ve put too much time and energy in to it to back out now.  Plus, the half is one of my “bucket list” goals.  I guess what I’m saying is the change was good; sometimes a break is necessary.  Has anyone else who’s trained for endurance events ever felt like this?

Moving right along, we made a pit stop at Planet Organic to procure some dessert, which may have turned into a mini shopping trip.  Opps. :)  Then picked up my brother. 

Mom and I got lunch together fairly quickly once we got back to the house.  I cooked a couple of Amy’s Texas Burgers for hubby and I.  Another new product.  Verdict? Yum! Enjoyed them more then the ones from last night.  Thought it was appropriate to cook the “Texas Burgers” in Texas BBQ Sauce.   This bottle of Stubb’s was in my cross border package from Janna

IMG_3187 IMG_3190

Served with a baked potato topped with greek yogurt & parm. Mmm mmm!

IMG_3207 IMG_3208

Sides of meatless stuffing, squash & carrots. Sorry, it was kind of awkward to take good pictures with so many of us sitting around our little table.

For dessert I picked up some pastries at Planet Organic from Boulangerie La Vendeenne.   They warmed in the oven while we ate our meal. Mmmmm, I had 1/2 of an apple turnover drizzled w/ 1 tsp of fresh maple syrup that my Dad brought.  Worth every single buttery calorie. 100% delicious!  Accompanied with a mug of Just Us.  Best dessert ever!

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in pure silence.  No TV noise for once because hubby is snoozing on the couch.  :)  Actually, it’s not just us relaxing either… cuteness eh?!

When my belly started grumbling later on I enjoyed a small plate of my homemade hummus and few crackers.  This hummus was so easy to make.  All I did was throw 1 can of chick peas, 1 garlic clove, 1/4 cup greek yogurt, 1 tbsp olive oil, squirt of lemon juice & seasonings into the blender and gave it a good whirl.  Great source of fibre and protein.  This was my first time making hummus and I was shocked at how simple it was.  Do you guys make your own hummus?


Supper was a light dish and a team effort at that.  I made a pot of Cream of Broccoli & Cheddar Soup and he whipped up a batch of Mini Cheddar Biscuits. We actually ate at our dinning room table twice in one day, I think a record may have been broken. Haha!

Hubby done good! 😉 These little guys are addictive.

Soup was as delicious as I remembered.   Sprinkled with fresh parm & pepper.

Day 2 was a success!  I think my “30 Mins of Me” time will be a relaxing bath later tonight.    Well, that was my weekend folks.  Back to work tomorrow but it’s only a short week due to Easter!!!  Off to catch up with you all.

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