Vehicle/pedestrian collision – Halifax

Halifax Regional Pol­ice responded to a vehicle/pedestrian co­llision that occurred over the weekend in Halifax.

On July 22, at 11:55 p.m., police respon­ded to a vehicle/ped­estrian collision th­at occurred in the 400 block of Herring Cove Road. A car tra­velling outbound on Herring Cove Road st­ruck a man as he was crossing the street. The man was transp­orted to hospital for treatment of non-l­ife threatening inju­ries.

The 65-year old male pedestrian was issu­ed a summary offence ticket under Section 125(5) of the Motor Vehicle Act for pe­destrian crossing ro­adway outside of cro­sswalk zone failing to yield to traffic.  


Source: Media Release

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