Victory Is Mine (and My Mom’s)!

I was determined that after last week’s soup/stew/stoup fiasco that I was going to make turkey soup from scratch after Thanksgiving. Scratch, I tell ya!

So I stole the turkey bones from my brother and sister-in-law and prepared for warfare.

I boiled the arse off of that turkey. It was an all night affair but I was up for it. I was armed with my mother’s cell phone number, strict instructions from her to follow the recipe this time and a shitload of turkey bones.

She skillfully guided me through the battle like a general who has been in war before. Always reminding me to listen to her words (like I haven’t learned to follow the directions before). What, am I like 3 and can’t so what I’m told?

Yes, yes I am. Most of the time. But this time, I knew better. I listened to my mother.

I watched the pot, cut the veggies, and strained the bones. It was at this point that my kitchen looked like a scene from CSI… turkey parts everywhere. There were wings, vertebrae, arseholes (or at least that’s what it looked like after a good boil)… I searched through it all for the coveted meat. It was about this time that I really appreciated Campbell’s Soup and what they did to revolutionize the soup process.

But I kept going.

And guess what, Mom was right! If I follow the recipe, I really can make soup… really good soup too.

It went from this swampy mess:


To this:


And then to this beautifulness:


I even baked a batch of biscuits.


So the moral of the story is that miracles do happen. And recipes are there for a reason. Follow them!



Now I have to go to bed. I’m exhausted. Tomorrow’s menu: leftovers. Now where’s my wine!

PS. No wine was injured in the making of this supper.

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