Video: Cat stolen from Quinpool Road store

Update: They found her!

We had a chat with the store owners:

“We have Bambi about 4 years. Yeah, she’s been living alone in the store since she was three months old. She has all the cares that she needed and lot of people just come to the store to play with her which is why she has super nice personalities. Normally Whenever a customer came to the store, she would run out enthusiastically, but she didn’t show up for a day. We fed her at night and she didn’t show up. So I found out she was missing. In the beginning we thought she run out or something until we check the security cameras to found out some people stole her from store. If someone finds bambi on the road and bring her back, we can offer $200 as a reward.”

@haligonia From the folks at Shrimp Lover & Tropical Fish: Hello everyone from Halifax. We need your help!!! Our cat Bambi got stolen by people in the following video. If anyone recognizes any of those people please contact us at 902-299-9901. We would just want our Bambi back and nothing more! Thank you for ur help! After we found Bambi, down this video. Merry christams everyone! #halifax #novascotia #quinpool #novascotia #downtonhalifax #dartmouth #dartmouthnovascotia #halifaxnovascotia ♬ original sound – Haligonia: Life in Halifax NS

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