Video: Dr Paul meets Tony Napoli, author of ‘My Father My Don’ Part 2

Video. Part 2 of 4. Dr Paul travels to NYC to meet Mr. Anthony "Tony Nap" Napoli and talk about his book. Mr. Napoli is the son of one of the most powerful and respected organized crime leaders of the modern era.

His father was a mob kingpin who ruled over the largest gambling empire in America for almost 40 years. Tony grew up in Brooklyn and has had a checkered life as a soldier, a boxer, an enforcer, a casino boss, a fugitive, and a hustler. Finally, after a brutal attack against a young man who sexually abused his daughter, Tony was sentenced to a period at a VA hospital. During these years, Tony cleaned himself up, successfully completing a sobriety program, becoming pivotal in the rights-for-veterans movement, and helping former boxers get counseling and other services.

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