Video: Vanessa and Stewart on the set of Splinters at Plutonium Playhouse

Sarah Wakely visits Vanessa Walton-Bone and Stewart Legere on the set of "Splinters". The play will be performed at the Plutonium Playhouse on Hunter St. in Halifax.


July 8th to July 25th – 8PM

Belle, a 28 year old lesbian, returns home to Sambro, Nova Scotia take care of her newly widowed mother.

Belle has secretly been in a heterosexual relationship for over a year now. Wanting her boyfriend to accompany her to the funeral but not wanting her mother to know that her lesbianism was, as she predicted, just ‘a phase,’ Belle asks her boyfriend to keep their relationship a secret for the visit – keeping from her mother the one thing that she has always wanted.

Directed By Simon Bloom
Design Andrew Cull
Lighting Jess Lewis

Stephanie MacDonald
Vanessa Walton-Bone
Lewis Wynne Jones
Stewart Legere

July 8th to 25th
423 4653

Plutonium Playhouse
2315 Hunter St

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