Vision for more than an auditorium

The Cobequid Cultural Centre of the Arts Society (also known as the Cobequid Cultural Society) and Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford are looking to meet the demands of a cultural centre for HRM and surrounding areas.

A proposed multipurpose creative learning and performance facility, which would be part of the new high school scheduled to open in 2013, would provide a venu that would cater to residents in the northwest HRM (including Bedford, Sackville, Hammonds Plains, Beaver Bank, Fall River, Waverley and other communities).

The new high school would provide an opportunity to develop a cultural arts facility enhancement that could benefit school and community.

Community consultations are scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. on the following dates (with free entertainment!). Everyone is encouraged to attend:

Monday, February 15-Sackville Lions Club
Wednesday, March 3-St. Margaret’s Centre
Thursday, March 4-Bedford Legion

The public will be presented with “the vision so far” for a learning and cultural/performing arts centre (including the need, combined education and community vision, and approximate cost).

The meetings will provide an opportunity for public reaction, input and discussion of the vision, how it could be funded and operated.

More information:

Cobequid Cultural Society for the past 5 years has been seeking a facility specially designed for the cultural arts to serve our area, the northwest HRM.

This same area also served by the Cobequid Community Health Centre does not have a performing arts centre.

The new high school scheduled to replace Charles P. Allen High in 2012-2013 presents the opportunity to create a performing arts centre that would benefit both the school and the communities in the Cobequid Region.

The “vision so far” is “more than an auditorium.”

-A multipurpose, multifunctional creative learning and performance centre serving the school and the Cobequid Region based on a strong education and community partnership.

-A focal point in the Cobequid region (Northwest HRM) where people gather and knowledge, creativity, innovation, and arts and culture in its diversity interconnect.

-A place for education and innovation, theatre, music, dance, performance, conventions, festivals and events.

-Inspired by the creation of the Cobequid Community Health Centre, based on the collaboration of Bedford, Sackville, Hammonds Plains, Fall River, Waverley, Beaver Bank and other surrounding communities.

Potential benefits:

-Enhanced quality of life as we showcase and share the creative works of local and touring artists right here in our own area, keeping the economic benefits in our communities.

-A stronger sense of our regional Cobequid Community.

-High calibre performance and creative arts educational programming that is interconnected to multiple parts of the curriculum and engages students of diverse interests. Opportunity for collaboration of school, community and business in educational programming and life to work transition experiences for all students.

Visit the Cobequid Cultural Society website at or email

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